Law 5 – The Law of Addition

Maxwell’s fifth law, The Law of Addition, states that leaders add value by serving others. This law is always valid because others would certainly never follow a person who was only concerned about themselves and did not add value to the people they were leading. In a leader, people are looking for a person who may know more and have more experience than they do, but they also want someone who is willing to bring up everyone else they are dealing with along the way to the top. They will not follow a person who has a reputation of throwing others under the bus or climbing on top of others to reach their goal. Maxwell’s example of Singal and how he shows the Costco workers that he cares about them in defiance of Wall Street is what has allowed him to become so successful. In the ethics of sports management, an example of this is whenever a decision is made in terms of a long-term view instead of a short-term view. Sacrificing the health or grades of current athletes in order to get a few more wins for the school is not the right thing to do. One great example of this is with Coach Carter, where he made academics as much a priority as he made athletic success and wins, even sacrificing his team’s perfect record by forfeiting games until his players were able to live up his academic ideals. Another great example of this is where Coach K and his family interview prospective players together to see if the player will fit into not only the Duke basketball team, but also to see if they can fit into his family because he sees each one of his players as family. Coach K is not willing to sacrifice his family or team unity for the sake of one player or for a few more wins or even a championship.


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